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About Me

Hi All! Welcome to my page! This page will be for those seeking family- friendly trips, romantic vacations or a quick getaway. If you love food, adventure and seeing national landmarks, then you will love this page! My posts will consist of the best restaurants in the town, hotels to stay in for either family-friendly or romantic, and the “must do and see” list of each city.

I have been traveling all over the country since I was a little girl. Some of the places that I write about or will be writing about, I’ve been to countless times. Other vacation spots, I will be learning about as I go.

This site all started truly envisioning my goals and dreams. I absolutely love reading, writing and traveling. I also enjoy helping people with planning for special trips. Each vacation is all about the memories and its important to me that any help I can give to couples or families, can be used for an amazing experience.

I currently live in Chadds Ford, PA in the USA with my husband and my 3 amazing boys. My oldest son is 18 and my twins are 12. Some of my adventures the boys are with me and other trips I go on are with my husband, a girls getaway or a few other couples. I enjoy mixing it up!

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Happy and safe travels!