Best adventures of Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer- this amazing statue is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The art deco statue of Jesus Christ stands at the summit of Mount Corcovado. Under the statue is a small prayer chapel; where many people go into to say prayers while visiting. A beautiful symbol of Christianity and a must visit!

Sugar Loaf Mountain-Take a ride up in the cable car to the top of this amazing mountain where you will have spectacular views of the city of Rio. Also, learn all about who invented the first cable cars to travel up to the mountaintop.

Sao Pedro fish market in Niteroi-this seafood market is a local favorite. Upstairs, you will find many restaurants serving fresh fish and other seafood caught locally. We went to this market with a local tour guide and he ordered the shrimp and ate it with the shell still on! Although that’s how many of the locals do it, I still prefer to peel the shell off of my shrimp before I eat it. 😆

Drink fresh coconuts-We found a cool, local man on the beach using a machete to make fresh coconut drinks for everyone. Seeing his skills, naturally, we had to have a fresh coconut drink. It was absolutely delicious and a must try.

Ipanema Beaches-The beaches here are more laid-back, where many locals like to visit in comparison to the iconic Copacabana Beach. Copacabana Beach is nice, however, I was hounded every minute (literally) by some local trying to sell me something. It wasn’t very relaxing to say the least. You don’t find that over at the beaches of Ipanema nearly as much, if at all. And the beaches are beautiful!

Experience the Samba dance-Rio is known as the birthplace for the samba dance and there are many places that you can visit to catch the locals performing. You can even sign up for a samba dance class while you are visiting if you are feeling daring!

Visit the nightlife in Lapa-To experience authentic Brazilian music, we went to the Rio Scenarium. It is one of the most famous clubs in the city. This ancient warehouse was converted into a 3 story nightclub. Each night there are Samba shows. Call ahead to ask what time the show will be starting, as it varies.

Visit Maracana stadium- The largest stadium in Rio. Brazilians are very passionate about football so it’s a must when you visit to check out their stadium. This was the main stage for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Please note that while Rio de Janeiro is breathtaking, many areas are very unsafe so please use caution while touring this beautiful city.

Hotel accommodations- I’d recommend staying at the Belmont Copacabana Palace. This hotel is pure luxury. The staff is amazing and I could’ve stayed at the luxurious pool for days! Conveniently located directly across from the Copacabana Beach and walking distance to many great restaurants. There are also many restaurants located within this hotel that serves phenomenal food.

Safe Travels~


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