Top ten things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visit the Recoleta Cemetery- Oddly enough this was one of my favorite places to see in all of Buenos Aires. It has so much history and many stories about high power people of Argentina that are buried here as well. I recommend walking with a tour guide here as they will give you all the interesting stories about the famous people in the cemetery.

San Telmo Market – located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Telmo, this market is only open on Sundays. There you will find many types of Argentinian antiques,artwork, great food and live tango performers. Every booth at this market has something different to offer and it’s just great to see each individual show their amazing craftsmanship. This is a perfect way to have an idea on what the old style of Argentinian life was all about.

Go to a tango show-The tango dance was invented in Argentina so it is only fitting to see a tango show while you are there. While there are many tango shows performed on many street corners, we chose to see one at a theatre and it was a first class experience with drinks and dinner served during the show.

Walk around Puerto Madero-Puerto Madero sits right on the water in Buenos Aires and there is a beautiful bridge that crosses from the city part of Buenos Aires to the dockside area. It is beautiful to see both during the day and in the evening. There are many restaurants to choose from, shops, and great sites and landmarks nearby.

The Plaza de Mayo and La Casa Rosada- The most famous square in Buenos Aires; which is the hub of the Argentinian political history. Many historical events for Argentina happened right in this square over the years. I recommend having a tour guide for this area as they will give you many stories of all the moments in history which makes this place special and unique.

FUN FACT: Pope Francis ( who was born in Buenos Aires) was an ordained Catholic Priest in 1969 and served many of his years of service at the Catholic Church located right in this famous square!

Botanical gardens- The gardens are amazing and a must see because there’s no other place like them. Something about walking through here brings tranquility, peacefulness and of course a chance to take beautiful pictures.

Visit La Boca neighborhood- This neighborhood is considered a tourist trap, however, I believe that it’s still a great place to visit because of all the amazing things to see in this area. There’s great artwork to be seen from local artists, cobblestones streets and colorful houses. There are vendors who serve some great food and there’s also open air tango shows to entertain everyone. I would not recommend going to this area at night time as it can be very dangerous and there is nothing really to do at night there because there’s no bars or nightclubs and the majority of the restaurants are best to visit during the day. Don’t forget to try some of the best enchiladas while you’re there!

Visit Floreria Atlantico speakeasy- The absolute,coolest speakeasy I have ever been to in my life! When you walk into the flower shop, someone will be there to greet you. They open a door that takes you down the cellar steps. It feel like you’re going into a dark dungeon. It’s not creepy at all, just very unique. Downstairs, the music is lively and the crowd is having fun. The drinks there are phenomenal and it is just so cool! This speakeasy definitely has to be at the top of your list.

Visit the Bodega Riglos winery- A great winery to go to sample some of the best Argentinian wines there are. Beautiful views accompanied by friendly locals offering you the best wines. If you are a wine lover, this has to be on your list of places to go during your stay.

Take a food tour- The food tour is a walking tour with a tour guide. The guide will take you to 4 different restaurants ( the last one is dessert). Not only is it great to try out all the different foods at the local spots but it’s also nice because you will be walking around different parts of town that you probably wouldn’t go to otherwise. There’s many to choose from online. We chose the food tour in Recoleta and highly recommend it.

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